Julia Thomas RA – Registered Aromatherapist

Location: Maa Lotus Spa
Services:  Aromatherapy Massage and Services (see below)
 Sundays and Mondays 8am-6pm
Email: vivohummingbird@gmail.com

VivoHummingbird – The lively messenger of joy and healing

Julia was born in Wales and spent 33 years teaching K-12 music in England, Newfoundland and B.C. Over the last decade she has followed her other passion, studying aromatherapy in the U.S with Alexandria Brighton, one of the world’s leading authorities and internationally recognized aromatherapist, formulator and educator. In June 2012 Julia graduated with full marks from the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy under the guidance of Beverley Hawkins.

For the past 5 years Julia has been practising aromatherapy and giving workshops and training sessions for holistic practitioners across Canada, the UK, Greece and California. She recently returned from training naturopathic doctors in a clinic in Harley Street, London, UK with the A.I.R. method of assessment and application.

Julia has a very sensitive, caring approach. Using unique methods and applications she is able to address the root causes of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of all her clients. Only the highest quality, organic and wild crafted, therapeutic grade, TRUessence essential oils are used in her treatments.


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Zyto Compass Biofeedback

The Zyto compass uses communication, a cutting edge technology, to assess which physical or emotional areas are out of balance. The compass demonstrates how to restore harmony, balance and alignment to your body with the use of therapeutic essential oils. When you place your hand on the cradle, linked to the computer, stimuli are sent to the body representing each individual essential oil. The body responds by recording the most beneficial oils for your specific needs in a report, guiding you to better health and well-being.
The oils selected are then blended and applied in a back massage.

Zyto compass assessment spinal application and back massage

Total 60 minutes $90

T.A.P.Target Assessment Protocol

This application targets all aspects of physical pain: arthritis, stiff, aching joints, injuries, migraine headaches as well as flexibility, mobility, alignment and balance through the powerful senses of touch and smell using therapeutic essential oils. This systematic method specifically targets and addresses the following

Structural alignment
Bones and inflammation
Connective tissue/tendons, ligaments, cartilage

After an initial assessment, the oils are systematically applied to each foot and the spine. A final assessment is taken upon completion.

60 minute T.A.P. assessment and application $90

A.I.R. Integrated Aromatic Renewal

The A.I.R. Aromatic Integrated Renewal essential oil assessment and application is a unique and powerful program intended to harmonize and support individual healing. By using kinesiology and therapeutic grade essential oils the root causes of physical and emotional challenges can be pinpointed and addressed.

Each of the 3 individual applications addresses the following : 1 SPINAL REFLEX

Addresses the recipient’s specific physical needs to alleviate pain, stiff, joints, injuries, mobility and headaches


Addresses the recipient’s specific and unique personal programming that is held in the chakras, which is subconsciously running our lives. The TRUessence essential oil blends resonate with the chakras helping to balance, open, and restore damaged or closed chakras which affect our personalities, relationships and our daily lives.


Addresses the recipient’s unresolved emotions, which are often the root causes of disease. Trapped negative emotions can be pinpointed and released safely with privacy, ease and grace. Each of the above individual treatments includes a kinesiology assessment, a personally created blend with a back, shoulder, neck and head massage.

90 minutes $120

Space Clearing/Environmental cleansing

Julia will visit your home or workspace to transform and protect yourenvironment through space clearing with essential oils. This is a quick, safe and effective protocol that replaces old, embedded negative energy with a new positive and uplifting ambience in your home and work place. This is very important if you are trying to sell your home or are moving into a new home.

$85 for 1st hour and $60 for each consecutive hour.


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